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The Perils of the Gig Economy

As the economy recovers from the Great Recession of 2008, many permanent jobs have been replaced by temporary independent contractor positions, called “gigs.” The gig economy has been a boon to employers, because unlike employees, independent contractors don’t receive health insurance, vacation pay, overtime pay, or retirement benefits. In addition, many laws that protect employees, such as the wrongful termination and minimum wage laws, do not apply to independent contractors. However, federal and state authorities are now taking a closer
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Home and Mobile Offices: What’s the Law?

Improvements in technology have given employees more freedom than ever before. Employees are now able to work at home, in their car, or at the gym. But this freedom comes with a cost: work encroaches on personal and family time, and expensive laptops and smartphones are now indispensable. Many employees do not know that their employer must pay them for all the time they spend working, even if that work is performed outside the office. So, for example, if you
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What Should Be in a Paystub?

Each time you are paid, your employer must give you a paystub that clearly explains your gross wages, your rates of pay, your hours worked (unless you are exempt and paid by salary), all deductions, your net wages earned, the period for which you are being paid, and the name and address of your employer. Many California employers don’t include this basic information in their paystubs. If your employer gives you a deficient paystub, you may be entitled to up
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